Welcome to the Aviation Expert Interviews category.

Here I’ll post columns that are essentially discussions with the people in charge of making the aviation industry work: pilots, flight attendants, ground staff, ATC. Basically, this column will have interviews with anyone who works in the industry and would like to share their advice or experiences with aviation.

I’ll include many interviews from experts, such as my friend Akari, who works as a cabin attendant.

If you’re a pilot, flight attendant, ground staff, ATC, or industry executive/manager that would like to share their story to the world, please send me an email at zkuhn37@gmail.com with the title EXPERT INTERVIEW and include what you do for your work. I want to bring your profession out to the open for people to know what happens when they settle in for their long flights. Also, this column could be used for students looking to make a career in aviation, so for those of you being interviewed, you could include that information.

Enjoy the column, and I look forward to hearing from any experts in the field.

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