It’s been a while!

Hello everybody! Zach here. It’s been a while! I’ve been absent from this blog I started with high hopes, but I’m back, and will be churning out more aviation content then ever.

What happened in the last year since I posted? Well…a lot. Work happened. I manage a studio in Ginza that took off, occupying most of my energy this last year. I had numerous video projects. I was focusing on my YouTube channel. Basically, work caused this blog to take a back seat.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been encouraged by my colleagues to resurrect this blog. Numerous goings-on in the aviation world prompted my expertise in aviation to be used, and I feel like this website can be a great resource for anyone flying…be it frequent business travelers, the annual holiday trip, or even just the once a year flying-back-to-home-country trips many of my colleagues in Japan take. I’ve seen people take the strangest itineraries for the sake of saving some yen, and it’s backfired more often than not.

I’m here to prevent that from happening!

So the next few weeks I’m going to be posting my takes on flying, low-cost carriers, flying cheaper legacies, multiple-stop trips, the tanking of holiday carriers like Thomas Cook and Monarch, as well as improvements in the business models of Japanese and American air carriers.

I’ll be sharing these on my social media pages, as well as my LinkedIn, so please have a look on those pages frequently to know when this blog gets updated.

Here’s my links:

As always, have a safe flight!


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